2012.12.26 thu 목요일


today, i work as usual
i booked tix to jakarta with ANZ credit card promo.. yeayy
its about 1,2 million for return medan-jakarta on march next year for 2 people, not too bad

i’m glad that i picked tiger airways as our flight to jakarta, because i wanna enjoy the atmosphere in terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta airport, Jakarta..
i don’t mind if i have to wait at terminal 3 hehe

i told my friend about this promo, because i remember that she want to go to jakarta too, ahe want to buy some things for her wedding things..

last night, my auntie at US text me about my shoe size.. i rushed to check to shoe size, because when she asks about size, it mean she have something to give hehe
and then she give me this pic.. tadaaaa…


a Calvin Klein shoe!!!!
i like the colour, it’s nude!
when i zoom at the price, its worth USD 83,3.. wow..
for me, its really expensive Haha
she said, her friend gave her as a christmas gift *i’m sooo envy*
but she said she doesn’t like the model, and she would like to return it, buy she doesn’t have the receipt with her.. so today around 12pm (local time), she text me that she will give it to me.. hoorayyyyyy
i’m so  happy yeayy

my little brother is going to his co-worker’s wedding party, but i guess the sky looks so gloomy, hope it won’t rain

today, my co-worker just returned from Penang, Malaysia and she headed to office after landed, she wears shirt and shorts to office
she talked to me to bring a plastic bag tomorrow, because she want to give some gift.. we’ll see what is that tomorrow 🙂

thats it for today, i’m gonna continue ironing my clothes